ILS ROMUNDA - Company Message
                    ..... Start Living Today
We are glad you have chosen to start living healthy today.  Internal Life Detox can show you the path to a healthier lifestyle with  holistic approaches to cleansing and detoxifying the total body.
We offer a complete range of body detoxing services that include Colon Hydotherapy, Aqua Chi Detox Foot Spas, Lymphatic/ Reflexology Massage Therapy, and Ear Candling/Equilibrium Rebalancing.
Our knowledgeable practitioners provide helpful information to guide your decision to live healthier. 
We provide Educational Workshops and Seminars, information about Nutritional Supplements, and personal instructions to help you with your Weight Loss/Weight Management goals.
Helping you reach your healthy living                  goal is our mission.  Start Living Today!

Congrtaulations to Internal Life Detox & Romunda Ings for being selected as one of the Outstanding Community Businesses of 2014
by the Collective Empowerment Group of Prince George's County
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