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 What In Your Gut?
Autoimmune Disease, Cancer, Infertility, Thyroid Disease. It all starts in the Gut. Did U Know? Around the world about 100 millions are suffering from bad digestive issues, like pain, constipation, bloating, discomfort. Realizing that we need to speak more about the realities of Life  That Lives In The Gut. Bacterial overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome is toxins that enter the bloodstream, it can cause a widespread of inflammation that can possibly cause a reaction trigger from the immune system. 
Intestinal Inflammation and Leaky Gut Syndrome can be at the root of many health problems.  
The concept of cleansing is usually a metaphorical explanation for a therapy that improves detoxification via the liver and gastrointestinal tract and reduces inflammation or irritation to mucous membranes of the GI Tract.

Will colon Cleanse Help Leaky Gut?  A small approach to liver cleansing and gut detoxification may allow a true rebalancing of intestinal flora and steady improvements in health. 

Colon  Hydrotherapy  is also  also known as a colonic, or colonic irrigation. It is a safe, effective method  of cleansing the colon (large intestine) of waste material. Temperature and pressure regulated water is gradually introduced into the colon and released repeatedly during a session. This process softens and loosens built-up fecal matter, which is eventually evacuated from the body.  The intestinal tract is a continuous tube from the mouth to the anus, and each part of the tube has a specific function to perform.  Colon Hydrotherapy is safe, and useful for many digestive complaints. 
*cleanses, tones, and re-educates the bowel 
* helps to empty pockets of the colon where old
* improves muscular contraction
* helps to return the colonic muscles to their original form through re-education
  and health issues
* improves transit time so that digestion occurs
Colorectal issues affects both men and women of all racial  and ethnic groups. For men, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer after prostate and lung cancers. For women, colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer after breast and lung cancers. This cancer can be prevented with screenings. Become proactive about your health now in your 20's, 30's, & 40's. Don't wait another day to change your health!