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Health Minister,  HIPAA  Certified Healthcare Education Advocate, Health Ambassador, Motivational Speaker,Certified Nutritionist Consultant that Specialize In Detoxification,  Health & Wellness, Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist Practitioner, 
                                                                Entrepreneur & Author.
About Romunda Ings
As a health and wellness consultant for over fifteen years, I been passionately committed to helping clients achieve total body balance by healing the body, mind and spirit. In 2004 I formed my business Internal Life Detox, which was inspired by my late grandmother, MA-NEATS, Neola Robinson. Our philosophy is to assist and educate people on the concept of keeping their mental and physical bodies free from disease. Utilizing a holistic approach, clients benefit from drug free and painless treatments such as colon hydrotherapy, Reiki and reflexology which assists in moving the body into a more healthy and refreshed condition. 
                       Grandmother, Neola Robinson

Romunda Ings is a Certified Colonic Hydro-Therapist/Practitioner, a HIPAA Certified Healthcare Education Advocate, Health Minister, Health Ambassador, Certified Reiki and Reflexologist, Nutrition Consultant and Motivational Speaker that has received certifications from the following schools:

  • Wesley Theological Seminary
  • International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT)
  • Integrative Healing Institute
  • St. John's Academy of Natural Healing and Science
  • Potomac Massage Training Institute
  • Traditional Usui Reiki Master by Wellness with Zuri Nia, (A Center for Soul Expression)
  • AFFA University of San Antonio,Texas
One of Romunda’s favorite quotes is, “As a worker of the vineyard, you have to understand your spiritual walk.”  She also believes that the frequently quoted phrase, “free your mind and the rest will follow” is a true statement for detoxifying the mind, body and spirit. Romunda has served the community as a liaison to the Hospital and as a Commissioned Health Ambassador from Wesley Theological Seminary. Her greatest joy, however, is being a parent and grandparent. 

Romunda Ings was selected as one of the Outstanding Community Businesses of 2014 by the Collective Empowerment Group of Prince George's County.

 Global Holistic Health Alliance, LLC Ambassador &  Motivational Wellness Speaker for Workshops/Seminars
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